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Call for Papers

Conference Theme

Inspired by hundreds of local languages spoken in Indonesia, the theme of the conference is Lexicography and Language Documentation highlighting language documentation in lexicographical contexts.  We welcome proposals related (but not limited) to the following topics:

• Lexicography of Indonesian languages

• Lexicography of endangered languages

• Lexicography of specialized languages

• Language data for lexicographic work

• Multimodal data for lexicography

• Corpus lexicography

• Electronic lexicography

• Pedagogical lexicography


Abstract Submission

- The medium of the conference is English and Indonesian.

- Submissions should contain the following information:

  • Title (maximum of 12 words)
  • Name(s) of proponent(s)
  • Affiliation of proponent(s)
  • Email address
  • Abstracts should be between 250 and 300 words, excluding references. Please click here for the abstract template (ASIALEX2020_AbstractTemplate)
  • Please use the following format as the filename of your abstract: Surname-Title in .doc or .docx format (surname of the corresponding author only)
  • Send the abstract as attachment to
  • The subject should be: Surname-Title
Publication Opportunity
Proceedings of the papers presented at the conference will be edited. Some selected papers will be recommended to the refereed journal: Lexicography: Journal of ASIALEX.


June 16—18, 2020



Grand Inna Malioboro (Inna Garuda), Hotel Yogyakarta

Jalan Malioboro No. 60 Suryatmajan, Kecamatan Danurejan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55213, Indonesia


Important Dates

►Abstract submission deadline:

March 1, 2020

►Notification of paper acceptance:

March 17, 2020

►Deadline for early bird:

May 15, 2020

►Deadline for full paper:

May 30, 2020



Daftar Selingan

  • cache memory = memori tembolok

  • browser = peramban

  • bar code = kode batang

  • blogger = narablog

  • power bank = bank daya

  • biolinguistics = biolinguistik (linguistik)

  • bento = bento; paket bekal (tata boga)

  • bassoon = basun (seni musik)

  • bashfulness = kemalu-maluan (psikologi)

  • barrier free accessibility = aksesibilitas bebas batas; keterjangkauan bebas batas (teknik lingkungan)