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Keynote Speakers

Description: Hasil gambar untuk dadang sunendar

Prof. Dr. Dadang Sunendar, M.Hum.
(Badan Pengembangan Bahasa dan Perbukuan)

Prof. Dr. Dadang Sunendar, M.Hum. is the Head of Badan Pengembangan Bahasa dan Perbukuan. He is also the president of Majelis Bahasa Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia (MABBIM)--the Language Council of Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia--and Majelis Sastra Asia Tenggara (MASTERA)--a regional language organisation which is formed to plan and monitor the development of Indonesian/Malay language and literature in the Southeast Asian Region. He was the former deputy chancellor for planning, partnership, student and business affairs of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) in Bandung. In 2006 he was awarded the Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques (the highest award in academia) from the French government.

René van den Berg, Ph.D.
SIL International

René van den Berg, Ph.D. is a certified senior linguistics consultant of SIL International and a series editor of Data Papers on Papua New Guinea Languages. His research interests and numerous publications are in the fields of: Austronesian linguistics, languages of Sulawesi, Austronesian languages of Papua New Guinea, language description and documentation, historical-comparative linguistics and lexicography. His recent works are Busoa vocabulary (South East Sulawesi) is available at
A_Busoa_vocabulary_Southeast_Sulawesi_Indonesia and 
a dictionary of Vitu (Oceanic, PNG) with audio.


Description: Sandro Nielsen

Dr. Sandro Nielsen
(Centre for Lexicography at the Aarhus School of Business)

Dr. Sandro Nielsen is a Danish metalexicographer; associate professor at Centre for Lexicography at the Aarhus School of Business, Denmark. Nielsen has contributed to lexicography as a theoretical and practical lexicographer with particular reference to bilingual specialised dictionaries (technical dictionaries). He is the author and co-author of more than one hundred publications on lexicography, theoretical papers, printed and electronic (online) dictionaries. 



Dr. Li Lan
(The Chinese University of Hong Kong, PR China)

Dr. LI Lan  is an associate professor at School of Humanities and Social science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. Her research interests and publications are in the field of Lexicology and lexicography,  Corpus study and EFL vocabulary learning, etc. Her works on lexicology and lexicography, among others, are “Lettered-words in Chinese dictionaries: a challenge for non-Romanised language” published in Lexicography (2018) and “A Corpus-based comparative study on green and environmentalism” which will be published by Linguistics and Human Sciences (2019).


June 16—18, 2020



Grand Inna Malioboro (Inna Garuda), Hotel Yogyakarta

Jalan Malioboro No. 60 Suryatmajan, Kecamatan Danurejan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55213, Indonesia


Important Dates

►Abstract submission deadline:

March 1, 2020

►Notification of paper acceptance:

March 17, 2020

►Deadline for early bird:

May 15, 2020

►Deadline for full paper:

May 30, 2020


Daftar Selingan

  • cache memory = memori tembolok

  • browser = peramban

  • bar code = kode batang

  • blogger = narablog

  • power bank = bank daya

  • biolinguistics = biolinguistik (linguistik)

  • bento = bento; paket bekal (tata boga)

  • bassoon = basun (seni musik)

  • bashfulness = kemalu-maluan (psikologi)

  • barrier free accessibility = aksesibilitas bebas batas; keterjangkauan bebas batas (teknik lingkungan)